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Friday, September 24, 2010


WOW!!! I have a follower to my Tamil Blog!!!!

Thank you Mazlina!

Mazlina is my first batch Pri6 girl who had gone on to Raffles Girls' Secondary and then gotten into the integrated prog. This means she does not have to do her O level exams, but must undertake to do multiple projects on given themes and ideas.

After this, she went to Raffles Junior College and now finally is in the NUS.

There was one day, she spoke to me over MSN chat from her school in her year 2 of RGSS. In this conversation, she told me: Aasiriyar!!! I am in the Integrated Programme!!! and I said : Romba santhosham maa.. congrats... ( note this point... i DIDNT know what that meant at the time!) she later explained it to me... blush blush!!

and she ended off by saying ; Aasiriyar!! YOU are the reason I have come so far in my life!

I was dumbfounded! I never take the credit for any of my pupils' successes ( OR downfalls! ) and she insisted it was so! I thought to myself then. I think I have reached the pinnacle  of my teaching career.

Pls correct me if I am wrong.

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